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5 inspirierende Netflix & Cook-Empfehlungen

  Die graue Jahreszeit hat uns eingeholt, der Grill setzt schon seit Wochen Staub an und der Zwiebel-Look hat die nächste Stufe erreicht. So langsam seid ihr auch dabei, euer Freizeitprogramm zu überdenken. Denn Stadtpark, Elbstrand und Eisdiele sind nicht so gemütlich, wie ein Netflix & Cook-Abend auf dem Sofa, […]

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Meet Joris Soetbeer — the designer!

CHEF.ONE is really starting to get traction out there on the Hamburg food scene. We’ve recently released an update to our app and added new events. There is lots of great feedback, and we are getting requests from people to host their own events. As we are working hard to redesign […]

Nerds, Startup

We have lift-off!

Shortly after launching our first official dinner event (Sweet and Salty with Marc), we released the alpha version of the CHEF.ONE app to the public. You can get it now. Book a place, and join Marc along with a great company of other food lovers. Feel the unique atmosphere of a home-cooked […]