Meet Joris Soetbeer — the designer!

CHEF.ONE is really starting to get traction out there on the Hamburg food scene. We’ve recently released an update to our app and added new events. There is lots of great feedback, and we are getting requests from people to host their own events. As we are working hard to redesign our website, adding the ability to book via your web browser, here is the story of Joris Soetbeer — our master of graphic design!

What most of you probably don’t realize is how awesome our team is. CHEF.ONE is built by people from all over the world. Yes, the events are currently all based in Hamburg, but the team is spread across the globe. Modern communication tools shrink the distances for us. And the will to make a positive contribution is our common cause. We are doing this because we believe it will make the world a better place.

Profile_Joris-SoetbeerAnd it all starts with the visuals. Just like any other online service and app, CHEF.ONE relies on catchy images, clear icons, and user-friendly layouts. We are lucky to have a very talented designer to make sure every user is pleased while interacting with our app. Here is how Joris became a member of the CHEF.ONE team and what it meant for him:


It was August 2015 and I was just having a nice barbeque with friends, when Marcia from OOMO Agency called me. She told me about an old buddy from Hamburg who has a cool app idea in mind and needs help with the screen design. After a short briefing by Marcia, I agreed immediately. The idea was just too great. But first, it was time for some meat on the grill.


The next day Marcia organized a call with Eddi (the guy with the crazy idea). He explained his vision of the app in detail. I loved the idea and five minutes later I got hired as a designer. I started working: Researched what colors and shapes could support the app idea.


The designs were needed quickly because the developers were ready to run. And there was nothing: No name, no imagery, no logo. That was great, because I could unfold my creativity, making sure that the design would be consistent.




When I uploaded the first drafts on Slack one night, they received extremely positive comments. This inspired me to push on! I worked on the logo and the name, and developed a full iconography.

Unfortunately, Eddi thought that the logo and the name were too one-sided. And what the boss says is the law! For this reason, we created a new name and a new logo during a team meeting. That’s when the name CHEF.ONE was born.




While working on the app, I got more and more in touch with the developers. It was cool to see how my ideas got implemented and how my imagination transformed into specific forms. During the design process I have learned from the developers that certain things could not be implemented as I wished.

Summer office!


At times it was difficult, because a developer from Brazil, for example, did not work with PSD data, and another developer from Belgium wanted a different file type. Thus the files and icons specially developed for this app have been adapted, so that everybody could work on them in the same way.




It is exciting to work together with so many people all around the world. All our work comes together in the platform Slack. We give each other quick and professional feedback. You never stop learning, and also on this project I was able to expand my knowledge.

Always on Slack

I’m looking forward to getting my hands on the finished app! When the first CHEF.ONE’s food is online, I will definitely book a seat.

Joris Soetbeer – Design

If you haven’t already, be sure to download the CHEF.ONE app to your smartphone, sign up and book a place at one of our events in Hamburg. We are working on expanding the available features. Very soon you can expect the following:

  • Redesigned website with full functionality (ability to discover and book events)
  • Add chat between chefs and guests
  • Enable chefs to confirm orders
  • Include food delivery
  • Add other payment options
  • Expand to other cities


CHEF.ONE for iOSbutton-apple

CHEF.ONE for Android