What is CHEF.ONE?

The CHEF.ONE app has been out for some time now. We are getting a lot of great feedback and requests to join us. This is a good time to talk about how the whole thing works.

If you ask for the shortest description possible, I prefer the following: CHEF.ONE is where strangers invite you to join their table. To be more specific, the whole service is a community marketplace, where anyone who likes to cook can create an event and invite others to join them for a meal.

For me the big idea of CHEF.ONE is not in the food itself. It is in the story (or stories) behind the food. This is something you never get in a restaurant, where the menu is just a formal list, and the dishes are prepared by someone you will likely never meet. Going to someone’s place is very different, because the whole deal kind of has a face. It simply feels more like real life.

Sharing a table with the chef and several other guests sets you up for a cozy experience that is hard to overcome. We at CHEF.ONE really want to make creating this experience as simple as possible.

Once you have an active CHEF.ONE account, here is how easy it is:

  1. Discover the events in your city (currently, CHEF.ONE is available only in Hamburg).The Discover view
  2. Select an event to get a detailed description, chef’s background, rating and feedback from other users who attended the event before.The Event view
  3. Tap Book Now, select the number of seats, and pay with bank card or via PayPal.
  4. After your payment is processed, you will get a confirmation email with the exact address and any additional details.

That’s it! Now you are ready to join the event at the specified time and place.

NOTE: Before you can book events in the alpha version of the CHEF.ONE app, your account needs to be activated. This is done because we want to regulate the audience as we get the app ready for a fully public release. For more information about creating and activating your account, see How do I create an account?