Too much is never enough – The vegan cake party

We are proud to present our first vegan CHEF.
Let me introduce you to Ines:

Hi! I am Ines aka Schneewittchen and I’m a passionate Baking-Queen.
I love to prepare cakes and cupcakes for everyone who fancies little sweet things.
This year I introduced a new concept for the food scene in Hamburg: A vegan CAKE-PARTY.
Come around, have a cake or 2 or 3 😉
Get connected with other cake-lovers and have a taste of my creations.

0-neu-d5-af96951f29bf065d44e474b697fd55ddInes surrounded by her vegan creations

Have you ever been faced with a tough choice?

These situations don’t happen often, but one I always seem to have trouble with is: cake.
Sunday afternoon, rainy clouds over the sky of Hamburg, and there is nothing better to do than have tea or coffee with a huge piece of cake.
Where do I go? I find some cosy place where they serve tasty vegan cakes.
Now the question is: which one do I choose? Chocolate caramel brownie? Tofu cheesecake with strawberry sauce?
Maybe something more healthy, like a raw avocado tart?

When you need to choose just one single piece out a thousand delicious sweet treats, it is torture. I would gladly go for all of them at once.
Just to feel the taste of each and every one. But that would obviously be too much cake.
This inspired me to create an event where you can try a little piece of any cake you choose.
You can eat as much of the sweet little sins as you want. Guaranteed in a friendly atmosphere, surrounded by other cake-lovers.

Much more than a sweet seduction

I started the vegan cake party in the beginning of 2015 and it already fascinated many people, who regularly come back for more.
Sometimes the queue was so long that people had to watch others eat delicious plates with cake
while waiting in line.
It is a wonderful community event, where passion for eating cake is mixed with enjoyment and fun.

Besides various pastry and sweet treats, we usually offer fruit punches, sparkling wine
and some bread with homemade dips to help your tastebuds during this feasting.
Different coffee specialities and variations of tea complete the tasting event at its best.

Screen Shot 2016-02-05 at 14.03.46

The location changes, but it is always as cozy as you would expect for a homelike afternoon.
We provide the ultimate vegan cake buffet in a comfortable location with everything you need to experience an unforgettable taste adventure.
We need YOU to make the next vegan cake party really stand out on Hamburg’s food scene.

Date: 13th March 2016
Time: 4pm
Where: Will be released after booking over the App

Save the date, book a place via CHEF.ONE– App, and join us at the tables.

You can download our APP via Google Play


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